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Geeta Marriage Consultancy is a Marriage Counselling, Registrar and Consultancy Service Company located in and operating from Thane, Maharashtra. We provide a number of services at our firm, one of which is the role of a company as a Thane Court Marriage Consultant. We are here to take care of all your Marriage Consultancy needs so you do not have to be constantly engaged in managing one thing or another for the most special day of your life. Hereafter are mentioned a number of reasons as to why and how we work towards shaping your dreams into reality.

Geeta Marriage Consultancy is a Thane based Marriage Consultancy. Here, we have a team of dedicated professionals and experts who strive to put their best foot forward and help you get the Registration done for Other State Marriage in Thane. This magically helps us in turning your dreams of a perfect marriage into reality.

Geeta Marriage Consultancy works with a team of highly qualified professionals to offer you the most premium services for Inter-caste Cpurt Marriage Thane. Maharashtra, where the city is highly populous and active, can seem to be a little overbearing an affair to conduct all by yourselves. The registrations, the paperwork and documentation, timings, lapses, certification and all of the other management required to help you seal the deal with your loved one, is what we help take charge of, so you don’t have to worry.

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Court Marriage Thane


A Court Marriage is a type of marriage recorded, conducted, and recognized legally by the authorities of Government. It is also considered as an authorized way to sanctify a relationship. In India, Court marriages are done under the Special Marriage Act, 1954. Nowadays, Court Marriages are highly propagating amongst the youths. The main reason behind its popularity is that it is open for all casts and religions. It is more wide spread in urban society and therefore we are here to offer you the service of Court Marriage Registration in Thane. We at Geeta Marriage Consultancy help people in completing complicated Court Marriage procedure in Thane.
There are certain protocols for getting married in a court like a Bride must be of 18 years old, while the Groom must be of 21 years old. The main advantage of Court Marriage Thane is that there are no restrictions on religion, caste, and community. Couples from same or different communities are happily ready for court marriages unlike that of religious marriages.
We at Geeta Marriage Consultancy, provide you with easy procedures of getting married and in legal ways. Our consultancy is best known for Court Marriage Thane. We have a number of good staff and supervisors that can guide you with your queries and the process for registering your marriage in the legal premises. Geeta Marriage Consultancy is the eventual destination for marriage related services in the entire city. We are reputed and highly authorized organization, and have the right to perform Court Marriage Thane, issuing a proper and legal marriage certificate to the couple. In Geeta Marriage Consultancy we implement a very common procedure of wedding ceremony, which is acknowledged by the married couples. We have well qualified and experienced marriage lawyers who will help you make your dreams come true.
We offer legal consultancy for court marriage where we offer excellent suggestions concerning the marriage. We also have professional advocates who organize the whole marriage procedure with legal documents and assist them in the whole process. Our team also struggles to issue the registration certificate at the earliest. Our matrimonial professional lawyers also assist the couple son how to register their marriage and explain all the procedures in detail.

Why Choose Geeta Marriage Consultancy?

If you are looking for the procedures of bringing success to Court Marriage Thane and the procedure of how to register for the same, we at Geeta Marriage Consultancy hold expertise in guiding you for the mentioned process. There are some basic set of rules and guidelines set by the legal bureau which says that in order to get a court marriage registration done in Thane, the individuals shall be aware of the fact that the registration of Court Marriage is a process which can be successful only if it is done in the Thane district or else the registration moves no further.
There are certain guidelines set by the court when the bride and groom apply for the Court Marriage Thane. It consists of the procedure which can be made right in the presence of original documents, eligibility, age proof, ID proof, nationality and we at Geeta Marriage Consultancy help our clients with all the minute details that will bring success to your marriage life.
Geeta Marriage Consultancy It’s not just you but there are lakhs of clients who register through us and do not have any complaints. You may be surprised to know that our consultancy provides 24*7 services not only on phone but even on chat.

What is special about Geeta Marriage Consultancy?

• It is designed to create a healthy relationship with our clients.
• 100% secure services.
• It does not charge even a single penny for their special services.
• The clients can directly call and send a mail regarding their queries or can reach us by giving us a call on our helpline number.
• It provides you a lifetime membership which gives you sample time to take your decision easily and smoothly.
• Our team members are catered with customized services which are the only motive of our consultancy.
• The rich experience of Geeta Marriage Consultancy provides the clients with the best counsellors regarding their queries about the Court Marriage Thane.
• Here, our Team Members are always working on providing our clients the freedom to select their desired date for the meeting and make sure that they are comfortable with the dates for further discussion.
• Our Team has a proficient knowledge regarding the laws required for Court Marriage Thane and this act often turns out to be remarkably beneficial for our client.

Geeta Marriage Consultancy Helps in Making Sure:

• The responsibility of Geeta Marriage Consultancy doesn't end with the Court Marriage Registration in Thane rather; we take our responsibilities forward with the successful execution of all the documentation and multiple essential services required by the people.
• Parties to file a Notice of Intended Marriage in the specified form to the Marriage Registrar of the district. While doing so, at least one of the parties involved in the marriage should have resided for a period of not less than 30 days immediately after preceding the date of the given notice. The notice is then put-up by the Registrar of Marriage inviting objections if any.
• After the expiration of 30 days from the date on which notice of intended marriage has been published, the marriage starts getting registered unless it has been objected by any person.
• The marriage is registered at the specified Marriage Office.
• Both parties along with three witnesses will have to be present on the date of registration.
• We are a consultancy of the best staff that will provide you with a clear knowledge of what all things are of great importance that can make your court marriage registration to be a happy ending. Each and every client who is looking for court marriage can without hesitation visits us and gather information.
• Our online matrimonial services serve a huge array of Indian cultures and religions and our Services are open for Elite and non-elite culture of people.

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Thane Court Marriage


Marriage Registration - An easy to do legal procedure for getting married to the love of your life. We at Geeta Marriage Consultancy, help people in completing complicated Marriage Registration formalities in Thane. If you’re looking for Thane Court Marriage Registration, then you’re at the right place. To issue marriage certificates, there are different guidelines in different states. However, at Geeta Marriage Consultancy, we have a fix for every kind of Marriage Registration process.
The Marriage Certificate is a very important Document for Married couples. Especially when it’s about having grip over the Legal rights and Obligations on the partner as conferred under the law. One can also consider it as an authorized and legal process to solemnize a relationship. We at Geeta Marriage Consultancy help people with Thane Court Marriage Registration.

Why people choose Geeta Marriage Consultancy for Thane Court Marriage?

1. Experienced Staff

We have a team of Professionals who understand the nitty gritty of such legal procedures and also supervisors to provide you complete guidance on the queries that you have towards Thane Court Marriage.

2. Easy Process

We guarantee our clients a hassle-free documentation process. In case of any trouble in the process, our Experts and Team provide couples and families a complete guidance about the process. Marriages are sacred and we at Geeta Marriage Consultancy pledge to maintain this sacredness by guiding people in completing the registration in the easiest way possible.

3. Proper Legalities

We provide service of Thane court marriage registration under Indian Majority Act, 1875 which is but by Muslim law itself. As per Indian Law, any Marriage registered under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 or Special Marriage Act, 1954 will be considered legal and valid. Such married couples can obtain Marriage Certificate as a proof of marriage from Geeta Marriage Consultancy in Thane.

4. Reliable

Geeta Marriage Consultancy takes pleasure in making your special day even more special by promising you accuracy and, by avoiding all kinds of mislead data and not getting you any trouble and getting you legal acceptance to live as Husband and Wife in the society.

5. Lifetime Experience

For your special day, even though it is a process of law and order, we ensure that you don't just document your marriage but also a memory with Geeta Marriage Consultancy services in Thane. What is really great is that you get these services in no time and under the same roof.

We provide Thane Court Marriage and court marriage Thane to the men and women who want to get married with legal procedures. Indian law is an uncodified civil law where marriage is a civil contract. In Muslim Court Marriage, there is no prescribed religious ceremony for the marriage, but the procedure is considered as "Nikah-Nama" which is a solemn legal and social agreement between a Muslim Man and Woman.

Though Muslim Marriage is duly solemnized as per the Muslim Customs & traditions in presence of People & Priest / Kazi, and Wedding Card or Wedding Photograph as Evidence, it won’t be considered Valid unless the Civil Registration of the Marriage under Maharashtra Regulation Marriage Bureaus and Registration Of Marriages 1998 is complied with and that is done at Geeta Marriage Consultancy in Thane.
We at Geeta Marriage Consultancy, combine our efforts and services to give you a hassle-free experience. We make regular compliance like Marriage Registration extremely easy and convenient for our clients.

Christian Marriage Registration Thane


Geeta Marriage Consultancy is one of the prominent service providers for Christian Marriage Registration Thane. The Christian Court marriages are sanctified under the Special Marriage Act in India and the formalities can be completed between an Indian bride and groom irrespective of their caste, religion, or creed. The Marriage Act also allows marriage between an Indian and a foreigner.
Even though the procedure of the Court marriage is different from that of the rites and rituals of the traditional and religious marriages, Geeta Marriage Consultancy has been successful in the smooth processing of the Christian Marriage Registration Thane.

People go with our services for the following specialities that we offer:

1. Easy Application:

The parties can directly apply to the Geeta Marriage Consultancy Registrar for performance in Thane and apply for the marriage certificate. The process is hassle free and won't take much of your time.

2. One Day / Tatkal / Urgent Court Marriage Registration Services:

Couples who want to get married in one day and are looking for instant Christian Marriage Registration Thane are welcome at Geets Marriage Consultancy. We help couples to get married in urgent circumstances; you'll get married under the Special Marriage Act 1954. First you will have to get married in your respective place of worship and then come for the registration on the same day itself.

3. Provide Services Like Name Change at Gazatte, Apostile and Atttestation Service:

We at Geeta Marriage Consultancy in Thane also provide "Name Change and Correction Service" in Thane. Post marriage if you decide to change your name due to any legal, astrological, religious, or past errors, we provide this service at ease because name changing process is a tedious process in India.

4. Christian Court Marriage in Thane

Christian Court Marriage Registration comes under Christian Marriage Act, 1872 which applies to anyone who professes the religion of Christianity. Either both or at least one person getting married should be a Christian with Baptism certificate. Then the marriage is solemnised in Mantralaya by the marriage officer.
As per the Indian Government Act 15/1872, the Christian Court Marriage registration is compulsory. According to 'Indian Christian Marriage Act 15/1872' if marriage is not registered then the marriage is illegal. No legal inheritance and legal rights in the Govt / Semi-Govt. or Education field being considered, if the marriage registration certificate is not available, the same can be easily attained at Geeta Marriage Consultancy in Thane.
So, if you reside in or around the jurisdiction of Thane, then you can select our service of Christian Marriage Registration Thane. We will provide you with an acknowledgement slip for the registration which has to be signed by both the parties involved in marriage registration along with your witnesses. These acknowledgement slips are sent out at the end of the month to the Registrar General of Births, Deaths and Marriages in Thane which is also one of the services we provide at Geeta Marriage Consultancy.
The process of Re-registration is also one of the services provided at the Geeta Marriage Consultancy in Thane which involves giving one month's notice, along with the Church Marriage Certificate, and witnesses etc. This is a one-way process from another Marriage Act to the Special Marriage Act. The reverse cannot be done.
So, for Marriage, re-marriage within or outside Christianity, you will get married at Geeta Marriage Consultancy in Thane with an easy approach.

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